Special Series Offered:


American Presidents:

Washington to Trump

(20 part series)

The Assassination of Martin Luther King

One of the White Pine Fires

Child Labor Before the Labor Movement

Minneapolis Labor Strike of 1934

Historical Event Seminars


  1.     The Perfect Fire Storm (The Upper Midwest White Pine Fires)
  2.     The Labor Movement & the Mpls Teamster Strike of 1934
  3.      Civil Rights Movement of the 1960's & MLK
  4.      The Armistice Day Storm of 1940
  5.      Panama Canal, Then & Now
  6.      Minnesota's Iron Range
  7.      Prohibition in Minnesota
  8.      April, 1865  (The Most Important Month in American History)
  9.     The Dust Bowel in Minnesota
  10.     The Crusades and the Warrior Monks
  11.     The Holy Land
  12.     The State of Israel
  13.     Fort Williams at Thunder Bay, Canada
  14.     Halifax, Canada Explosion of 1917
  15.     The Erie Canal
  16.     Oregon Trail (Expansion to the West)
  17.     The Ford Automobile and the Rise of Cars
  18.     California Gold Rush
  19.     The Pony Express
  20.     San Francisco Earth Quake of 190
  21.     Great Minneapolis Fire of 1893
  22.     The Great Depression
  23.      The Plaque in Europe
  24.      Immigration in America