Battle of the Bulge

Battle of Chattanooga

Military Event Seminars

Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor

  1. French & Indian War
  2. Seven Years War
  3. American Revolution
  4. Washington at Valley Forge
  5. War of 1812, the Second American Revolution
  6. Indian War in the East
  7. The Mexican American War, the Training Ground
  8. The Dakota War of 1862 in Minnesota
  9. Gettysburg, the Turning Point
  10. Vicksburg, Dividing the South
  11. Indian War in the West
  12. The Spanish American War(Remember the Maine & San Quran Hill)
  13. Spanish Civil War, 1936-39
  14. The Korean War
  15. The Vietnam War
  16. The Cuban Missile Crisis
  17. The Afghanistan War
  18. POW and MIA
  19. Veteran's Day Program

Military Event Seminars Series:

Overview of the American Civil War

     1.Fort Sumter to Gettysburg

     2.Vicksburg to the Surrender of the South

Civil War Battles, Year by Year

     1. Battles of the Civil War, Part I (1861)

     2. Battles of the Civil War, Part II (1862)

     3. Battles of the Civil War, Part III (1863)

     4. Battles of the Civil War, Part IV (1864)

     5. Battles of the Civil War, Part V (1865)

World War I, The War that Changed the World

     1. Leadup to World War I

     2. The Western Front in France

     3.  Air & Naval War

​     4. War in Russia, Balkans & Italy

     5. Ottoman Empire and the Middle East and the Rest            of the World

     6. 1919 Paris Peace Conference

World War II in Europe

     1.World War II, Ramp up to Total War

     2.World War II (Fall of France and the London Blitz)

     3.World War II in North Africa and Italy

     4. Operation Barbarossa to Stalingrad

         on the Eastern Front

     5. The Normandy Campaign (D-Day  Invasion)

     6. The Battle of the Bulge and into Germany

     7. The Great Patriotic War on the Eastern Front

          to the Fall of Berlin

World War II in the Pacific

     1.December 7, 1941, the Attack on Pearl Harbor

     2. War in the Pacific, 1942

     3. War in the Pacific, 1943

     4 War in the Pacific, 1944

     5. War in the  Pacific, 1945

     6. Pearl Harbor Today

Middle East

   1.  The Crusades and the Warrior Monks

    2.  View of the Modern Middle East

    3.  Person Gulf War

    4.  Iraq War